PACER Help (U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit)

Minimum Search Parameters

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit search page is always the "Advanced" version of the page because the Court requires that you define at least the following search parameters:

Search by Case Number

To find a case by case number, type the case number in the Case Number/Range field. The format of case numbers is yy-nnnnn, where yy is the 2-digit year, and nnnnn is the number. For example, 12-12345

To find cases within a range of case numbers, you must enter a range of case numbers and a party/attorney name to search for.

  1. The second case number must be later than the first case number and the range of case numbers may not exceed 3 years.
    In the case number, the first two digits represent the year, for example in 08-15001, the year is 2008.
  2. In addition to the case number range, you must specify at least one of the following parameters:

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Search by Party/Attorney

To find cases with a specific party or attorney, you must enter the party/attorney name to search for and specify at least one additional search parameter.

  1. Use the information below to define your search for the name.
  2. In addition to the Party/Attorney Name, specify at least one of the following parameters:

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Search by Alien Number

To find all cases for an alien number, type the alien number in the Originating Case Number field. The format of alien numbers is A123-456-789.
Wildcard usage is not allowed, you must enter the number in the format shown above.

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Other Search Parameters

You can use additional fields to filter the results, but keep in mind that you must define at least the required parameters (see Minimum Search Parameters) to perform a search.

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Case Selection Page

After you define your criteria on the Case Search page and click the Search button, PACER shows you the cases matching your search criteria in the Case Selection page.

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Last updated on 18 December 2013.